About me

Photography has become part of my life, if you ask my friends or anyone who knows me, what I really love to do, what my passion is, they will all tell you, photography.


I started taking pictures a few years ago, when the first digital cameras came out. At the beginning it was just for fun, I was taking pictures of everything, nature, people… but soon this hobby started to become something more.


And when you want to do more, you need to know more. Photography means looking at the world with different eyes. It means, getting up while the rest of the world is sleeping, it means, being outside on -15°C, just to get the best light of the day (or in my case, going inside abandoned buildings at night, so security can’t see you).


My first time in an abandoned building was very exciting and scary, like the first time you have sex! I am nothing more than a photographer, I am still young in this “world” and I dont know where my photography will take me in my life. But I know one thing… I won’t stop.