I have new blog!

My new blog or news or however you want to call it IS OUT :)) yaaai.


I was planning to do that for quite some time,  and now its finally here.


I decided, that I need to change few things on my website (u know, there is no progress without a change)..so, as you can see my website got "news" and few more buttons to social media network... In »news« section  I will be posting about my life, what's going on, about photography, about new photoshop techniques i have learnt, about my travels..etc

I plan to do one more urbex travel this year (for those who dont know what urbex is - it means urban exploration - so exploring abandoned buildings)..I plan to go to Italy. Italy is full of amazing abandoned buildings, villas, hospitals, churches, schools... its not always easy to get into buildings, but with some acrobatic skills and a bit of luck all is possible :)

And I have new wide angle lens too, so I have to try it :)


So, in future - you can also expect some "behind the scenes" photos here, so you can actually see how all my life – exploring abandoned buildings, taking surreal photos or anything else looks.


Love, Maša