Goodbye England, I'll miss you.

Ok, so ... short story about me and Ben. Ben is an English guy (very good photographer, btw!  - check his website )  I've known for years ... but  never met him in real life though; face to face, eyes to eyes.

So one day we decided that it's about time for us to meet.


I booked tickets to London and the plan was that he picks me up from Luton airport. I was pretty excited (close to nervous I'd say!), because until then I've only seen Ben on Skype.


Once at the Luton airport I left the main building and I had absolutly no idea where to go ... so many cars there, so many people ... I wasn't even familiar with the make of Ben's car! OK ... so I checked my phone … and there it  was - a text message from him: "wait for me at the car park, I will be there in 5 minutes, and I have Vauxhall astra."

WhenI finally saw himhe didn't even had the time to stop the car ("pick up point" system there is a bit weird ... Cars drive in some kind of circles and they are not even allowed to stop).

I jumped into his car and said "Hi" in probably very confusing tone, because my backpack was huge and I could barely see out of the window … nd the guy behind us was already honking his horn! 


Aaaaaanyway... I spent an amazing week in England. Ben took me exploring some different spots (we were also on the roof of some abandoned airport base ... where everything was really calm ... and then at some point all of a sudden even a small military plane flew over ... just a bit above our heads!)


OK, so ... next day Ben showed me his neighbourhood ...and the day after he took me to north of England - Wast Water (amazing nature!) to see villages where sheep cross the road and where we set up our tent in national park (of course it's forbidden to camp there!) … then he also took me to Alton Towers (he knows I am rollercoaster freak) ...and yes, so many memories, so much laughter we had and also tears (but that remains our secret) -..


I am genuinly glad I have so many photos from this trip, and I do honesty hope I will meet Ben again some time soon.


Love, Maša