Part of Siddharta crew today

Ok, so I've known Siddharta band from my high school days already..  I was actually a big fan of that group and I could never imagine I will work for them one day.

So, we started our tour in Ljubljana, where guys have their own studio. Tour bus was waiting for us already, crew was loading all the instruments and all the equipments inside.

I already took some shots there (for me the best reportage photography is when it's spontaneous).. and soon we left.


We already had good fun on the bus.. and I even got new nickname- "Kores chick"


When we arrived my role was to take "making of" photos and also record few videos.


The place where gig was was actually small theatre. All seats were removed.. and I was really lucky, that they put them on the top of eachother, so I easily climbed to the top and had the best view.  

It's really great when u do what you love. And besides that listen to the music you like :)


Love, Maša