January. Crap Weather.

ok, so ho ho ho new year is finally here. To be honest I was quite looking forward to 2017 and leave 2016 behind. And I also can't wait for January to pass because its really a dead month. I dont go out much, because of the weather, I don't travel much, I don't spend my time with people much (yeah, yeah you can call me antisocial person now! :) )


I took some silly photos with my niece today. We stayed inside because here we can stay warm, next to the fireplace, listening music we like and create, create, create...


 I call call my niece "my gene" (in fact her real name is Mei).. because she is very much like I am :) ~ She likees abandoned hospitals, and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up :) 


But January I will do something more than just taking photos. Guess what? I have to make a travel plan, because I travel in one moth.. for a WHOLE month--- to Vietnaaaam! I am really looking forward to go there. I have never ever been to Asia before. So I must admit I am quite happy to leave winter here and put my bikini on :)


Love, Maša