Regards from HOT Vietnam!

xin chào  (that's hello in vietnamese language)


I have been travelling by airplan a lot.. I have over 110 flights in 7 years.. but I have newe flown overseas...with the big Jumbo plane.

I was a bit nervous (how the f*** beast like this can just stay in the air for over 10 hours?).. but ok.. my wish about Asia trip was just too big, so..I decided to go. And I am happy I did that trip!


My trip is just on the second half right now.

I started in Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh), had internal flight to Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam), and from there to SaPa (beautiful rice terraces), Halong Bay (the bay features thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various shapes and sizes), and right now I am in Hội An (it's in the middle of the country). That is my favorite place in Vietnam so far.. City streets are full of lanterns.It's sad I can't join "Full moon lantern festival")

Hội An is also well known for getting something made from a tailor. So I decided I want new coat :) Can't wait to get it!! :)

My plan after that is to visit Na Trang. Mui Ne, Da Lat, and finally beautiful island Phu Quoc. I cant wait to see those beaches. Beaches I have seen only on the internet and I always said to mayself "eeeh, it's photoshopped"


So, I will post some photos from my second half in few weeks.. and for now.. few pics from destinations I have already visited :)


Love, Maša