Today I do Nothing but ENJOY :)

So... I was pretty busy for the last few months, and weather outside was pretty bad too. And today was the first day, when I said to myself - "I will go out and chill out, and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but enjoying". In fact I am pretty much work-a-holic.. so taking day first glance you feel a bit guilty, because you really on't do much, but on the other side, you will do A LOT for you.

I went there with my... erm.. ex boyfriend (I know, I know not a good idea!)... but hey, we had fun (not THAT kind of fun tho).


Aaaaanyway, we had some fruit, we had a blanket, a book, and it was soooo warm, that I even fell asleep for a while :)

I already have some great ideas for my next photos there (I couldnt take them at the time, because I didnt have all the props I needed)..  so, for sure I will be back soon :)


Enjoy first sun rays, people :)


Love, Maša