Summer Storm

Ok, so I decided to make my own cloud. Of course I could use one of the Photoshop brushes, but hey, I like to create, and it's just so much better to use real cloud. it's made? 

I took different size of baloons, and glue them together into some weird shape. Then I took a lot of old newspaper, tore it apart on small pieces.. I used flour and a water as a glue to hold that newspaper together. A messy job, but it works! 




When it's done it has to dry.. for days.. to be completely hard. When it's hard you have to put few extra layers of newspaper.. so again, repeat everything from the begining :)

and let it dry completely.


When it's hard, paint it white completely, so it starts to look like an actual cloud :)

Let it dry, and then your cloud is almoooost done :)


I contacted Tosama company in Domžale, and asked  if they have some extra cotton there... I told them about my project and they were very happy to help me :)

So I got whole box of that soft thing, and I had to go back to work.. I glued the cotton on my structure and it started to get form of a real cloud!




soooo, after few days, or I should say almost a week of making the cloud - it was finally done :)


And here you can see some making of photos - 

Road was closed, and people were walking by,.. but I didn't really care :)


I wanna say thank you to my assistant Thomas too. He was great help :))






Love,  Maša