my trip to Belgium

If I have to describe that trip with one single word.. that would probably be - A M A Z I N G. Never to be forgotten.

I was travelliing with my UK friends Bruce and Peter.

Ok, start was a bit weird, I admit. We met and we didnt have any plan. They probably thought I have it. And I was kind of sure that they have it.

So, ok, we had to make a plan.. about places to visit and of course places to stay over night. Belgium is full of abandoned buildings (and cheap hostels) , so we didnt have difficult job really :)

We put many locations on the list.. and one of my absolute favourite was Chateau de Foret. Castle was built in 1860, and it's abandoned for over 20 years now. Ground floor is in perfect condition, beds are still made and they almost look like they are ready for guests. If you turn your head up, you can see giant chandeliers, massive paintings on the walls, and even fully equippet kitchen! You can see that first floor is not so clean as the previous one (ground floor) and as you walk upstairs on the marblestairs, more decayed it becomes...


We only had 4 hours in that amazing castle, so we all had to be pretty fast in our exploring.

When we finished and left the place we had a little accident with a flat tyre... I was happy I had two strong guys next to me and they fixed all that somehow :) My feet were completely soaked, because November is often rainy and so was that one, so what did I do.. I put fresh socks on my feet and put them into a plastic bag, so they stay dry. Yaaai :)


Love, Maša