It's winter..

Ok, I know I am not really lucky to live in Slovenia when it comes to abandoned buldings- because we don't have any! And thats's why I have to travel to Belgium or to Italy or even to UK)... BUT I am really lucky, that I live in Slovenia when it comes to natural beauties - nature here is just wonderful..


 I can visit amazing landscapes, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, forests, fields and also seaside. I live in the capital (Ljubljana), which is basicly in the middle of the country...and since the country I live in is pretty small, that means I dont really need to travel far to reach the best places around :)  And that IS good!


Ok, so frst things first...  I had to see what kind of props I have.. ok, I found some sculptures.. busts.. however you call them.. and.. I quite liked them but I didnt have idea what to do with them.. So I just took my tripod, camera and those sculptures.

I found a great place and suddenly  I also had an idea in my head. Why not making few of them (in post-processing of course). instead of just one?


And what I like the most here? The tittle: Your Naked Body Should Only Belong To Those, Who Fall In Love With Your Naked Soul . . . 


So true!


Love, Maša