Taking photos for Spar company - Easter edition catalogue

Ok, sooo, today I got completely different job, like I am used to. But still ~ connected with photography.
I was taking photos for Spar company - Easter edition catalogue. It sounds like piece of cake? It wasnt!


I had to take photos of all different kinds of easter food.. 


Ok...so first I had to take pics of easter chocolate eggs (of course I had to taste few of them first just in case they are not poisonous :))))) 


I set everything up, look through my viewfinder..aaand I wasnt happy with composition. So, what to do..I had move one easter egg after another.. for just a little bit, check through viewfinder again..until I wasnt satisfied...

And same with the rest of the food.


And what was the best thing at the end? I could eat all of them!! :)))


Love, Maša